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ZR? how

but it takes forever to load when online :/

ye its not work


*starts double boosting then after a few seconds stops* DOUBLE BOOST!



** loading warning **


Also, this is way beyond cool :)



Hey again well I’m just asking one thing can you make this game for apple and can you add some. More character like I think you might even add modern sonic 

where are the downloads


its online, press run game and wait for it to load

I wait for the loading screen but then it crashed.



Try The Downloaded Version now.


nice a new update


Amazing work! Although it takes a while to load (For me at least), the game is wonderful.


Nice! :) The latest update is great!


and can you play whit  a xbox controller wireless

What I'm currently using for this doesn't have native controller support yet, but you can download joy2key or another similar keybinding software


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 pls fix slops and can you pls add some bots like sonic cd bots and sonic  2 bot and sonic 1 bots pls and thank you if you so see the comment

There's a problem with slopes?

yeah when i was trying to make a lvl i add a slope and i died


Movement controls are reversed on Firefox/Linux.

Huh, I have no idea why that would be. I haven't heard of anyone else running into issues like that. I'll have to look into it.

The main issue is the loading screen, Thank You for realizing these issues.


Thank you!

._. this doesn't load...

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